FIFA 18 Ultimate team tips Tricks
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Cristiano Ronaldo is the image of the new version of the FIFA 2018 video game . The best player in the world has the highest ratings, although as some messages say, they should always put the maximum because it is a machine, something to which Cristianohas responded.
There is no doubt that the best have to be in the best places, if you talk about the best videogame in the world, everyone is associated with FIFA , and if you talk about the best player in the world, everyone associated with Cristiano Ronaldo . 

And is that Portuguese is the main image of the game in its edition of the year 2018 and as is logical, is the player with the best ranking of individual characteristics and the fact is that even Cristiano himself has opined about the score he has received by the creators of the video game and it can be boosted using fifa 18 free coins generator. In a video you see the Portuguese read a message stating that at this rate, EA (creative company of FIFA ), should give Cristiano100 or 99 in all the sections, and that it was a machine. To which the crack of Real Madrid has responded that it is indeed a machine. 

After this affirmation, Cristiano has given himself a kiss on his left biceps and later he has clenched his teeth and gained strength. Of course, with Cristiano in the videogame, the one chosen by Real Madrid has a lot of ground won. The best in the world is the best in the world also in the virtual world, and is that after the spectacular season that has closed with Real Madrid , this is only the beginning of the many tributes that come to him.

The bad gesture of FIFA 18 with a Real Madrid player

It seems that the creators of the FIFA 2018 gamehave been very vigilant about the start of Marco Asensio's seasonwith Real Madrid . In the individual valuations that the game makes of the players, when it comes to the Balearic one, it seems that they distort reality a little, not to say that it distorts it completely. 

Asensiohas a general rating of 84, in general terms they are good numbers but of course after the start of their season that figure does not resemble the one that really should get. Nobody talks about having to have the assessment that Cristiano Ronaldo, but of course these figures are not at all consistent with reality No doubt is a very big ugly to a player who is currently the top scorer of Real Madrid , the fashionable man of Spanish football along with Isco and possibly one of the great candidates to win the Golden Ball when the reign of Cristiano Ronaldo ends coin master free spins generator, who by the way is the best player in valuation of the game. And even more so when other players like for exampleMkhitaryan, Kompany, Glik or Gundogan have more than him and of course they are not by far better players than Asensio today and from lueog in the future. 

Although he is only 21 years old, Marco Asensio is much more than FIFA 2018 attributes to him. A different player, one of those that appears in few occasions. Surely that throughout the season, when the game allows to install its different updates, Marco Asensio has the real valuation it deserves, so far, until then, FIFA 2018 free coins with fut 18 coin generator.